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Harvey C. Shapiro, Ed.D.
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Carol A. Palacio
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            We have received numerous requests to help clients on cases outside of the State of California, or in remote areas within California.  Due to the expense involved in handling cases outside the State of California, we have developed a  method that will bring our expertise directly to you and help your local attorney in the form of consultation and in developing a strategy with the goal of a “Successful Outcome.”


As the consultants on a case, we could or would do the following:

A.  Read the entire case file and recommend which key witnesses may need to be interviewed and why.

B.  Based upon our knowledge of your case, we could or would recommend the following action plan/s:

1.   Suggest a Motion Plan (Motions need to be prepared by an attorney)

2.   Suggest Investigation Plan

3.   Suggest an Expert Witness Plan

C.  We could or would then brief your attorney and your investigator on some techniques and strategies to help them accomplish successful outcomes.

Investigation Plan/Discovery Plan   After reviewing the facts of your case,  we could or would suggest a “tentative” Theory of the Case and “Action Plan/Strategy.”  The Theory of the Case  should answer some of the questions that the jury may or will raise.  Using the Theory of the Case, we suggest an “Action Plan/Strategy” for what witnesses may need to be interviewed and on what issues.  We also could or would suggest what documents and evidence may need to be gathered to support statements and / or facts relevant to the case.


Investigations in a Criminal case may be more difficult than in other areas of Family or Civil law.  The witnesses may be reluctant to talk and don’t want to get involved.  They may have information that is relevant to the relationships between the parties and don’t realize its significance.  We could or would help your investigator with the “People Skills” and accepted methods of interviewing.  Private investigators in most cases need to use the power of “Persuasion” as they do not have the power of  “Authority” like the police have.


Expert Witness Plan  After learning the facts of the case, we may have a better idea  if  an expert witness may be used against you and if you may need to retain your own expert witness to present an alternative explanation OR refute the expert from the other side.  The expert witness plan may or will identify some of those issues that the apposing party’s experts may be testifying to.  We may also be able to provide some research articles for those issues on specific points as well as recommend some experts to help you.




Theory of the Case  We could or would assist your attorney in developing alternative hypotheses in the development of a Theory for your Case.  The goal, of course, would be the development of a case plan or strategy resulting in a successful outcome.




1.  Go to the Navigation bar on this website and click on “Sample Forms”.

A: Print the “Sample Witness” form

B. Print the “Sample Chronology”.


2.  Carefully prepare YOUR own Witness List and YOUR own Chronology.  It is these two documents that set forth the base line of your investigation and enable YOU, YOUR attorney and his/her investigator to share the SAME information in a form that is readily available.


3.  To help in the goal of a successful outcome, It is crucial to have EASY and RAPID access to all of your documents.  I urge YOU to put all of your documents in chronological order.  After doing so, scan or have scanned ALL of your documents in a PDF format (Adobe).  Remember, some of your documents may be double sided and may be different sizes (Legal/Letter).  When you scan OR have your documents scanned, make sure they are scanned in an OCR format (       The following are places where you can have this done.