Common Medical Abbreviations

2 oxygen
(R) refused
a before (ante)
a fib. atrial fibrillation
a. tach. atrial tachycardia
a.c. or a/c before meals
A.D.L. Activities of Daily Living
A.S.A.P. as soon as possible
A.T. Activity Therapy
aa of each
AA Alcoholics Anonymous
Ab abortion
abd abdomen
ABG arterial blood gases
ABP arterial blood pressure
AD right ear
ad lib as desired
ADA American Diabetic Association
adm. admitted (admission)
alc alcohol
alt alternate
AM morning
AMA against medical advise
amb ambulatory
amt amount
angio angiogram
ant anterior
APC Aspirin – Phenacetin – Caffeine
approx. approximately
appt. appointment
aq. water (aqueous)
art. artery
as tol as tollerated
ASA acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)
AWOL absent without leave
Ax axilla
b.i.d. (BID) twice a day
B/P blood pressure
BE barium enema
blad bladder
BM bowel movement
BUN blood urea nitrogen
Bx behavior
C centigrade
c with
C.S. central service
c/o complains of
ca cancer
Ca. or Calc. calcium
CABG coronary artery bypass & graft
cal calorie
cap. capsule
card. computerized axial tomography
CAT (CT scan) complete blood count
CC chief complaint
cc cubic centimeter
chol. cholesteral
CL chloride
clav. clavicle
cm centimeter
CNS central nervous system
CO2 carbon dioxide
comf comfortable
conc concentrate
cons consultation
cont continued
contrib contributary
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
COR 0 acute heart stoppage
cpd compound
CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
cran cranial
CSF cerebral spinal fluid
CVA cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
D & C dilatation & curettage
D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic
D.O. Doctor of Osteopathy
D/C discharge
d/c discontinue
D5W dextrose 5% in water
DD date dictated
decr decreased
defib defibrillation
depr depressed
Diff differential
dil Dilute
dis disease
dist distal
dk drunk
dl deciliters
DOA dead on arrival
DOB date of birth
dr dram
Dr. doctor
DS discharge summary
DTR’s deep tendon reflexes
DT’s delerium tremens
Dx diagnosis
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
EEG electroencephalogram
EENT eyes, ears, nose & throat
EKG electrocardiogram
elev elevate
ENT ears, nose & throat
EOM Extraoccular muscles (movements)
ER emergency room
EST electric shock treatment
EtOH alcohol
etx. external
extr extremeties
f/u follow up
fa father
FBS fasting blood sugar
fl fluids
ft. foot
FUO fever of unknown origin
Fx fracture
g or gm gm
GB gall bladder
gen general
genit genitalia
GI gastrointestinal
gluc glucose
gp group
gr. grain
grav. gravid
GSW gun shot wound
GTT glucose toloerance test
gtt. drop
gtts. drops
GU genitourinary
gyn gynecology
h hour
H20 water
H202 hydrogen peroxide
HA headache
hb husband
Hbg hemoglobin
Hct hematocrit
HCVD hypertensive cardiovascular disease
Hd. head
HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose and throat
hern herniated
HR heart rate
hr hour
HS hour of sleep
ht height
hx history
hyst hysterectomy
I & D incision and drained
I & O intake and output
I.C. initial contact
id in diem (during the day)
IM intramuscular
inj injured
inpt. inpatient
int internal
IPPB intermittent positive pressure breathing
irreg irregular
irrig irrigate
IV intravenous
IVP intravenous pyelogram
K+ potassium
kg kilogram
KUB kidneys, ureters, and bladder
L left
L & A light and accomodation
L.P.N. licensed practical nurse
lab laboratory
lac laceration
lap laparotomy or laporoscopy
lat lateral
lb pound
LE lower extremities or Lupus Erythematosus
Leuc leucocytes
Lg large or leg
lig ligament
liq liquid
LLQ lower left quadrant
LOA leave of absence
LP lumbar puncture
LUQ left upper quadrant
lymphs Lymphocytes
M.D. Physician
m.s. multiple sclerosis, morphine sulphate
M.T. movement therapy
max maximum
MCH mean corpuscular hemoglobin
MCHC mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
MCV mean corpuscular volume
med medical, medid
meds medicines
mEq/1 milliequivalent per liter
mg milligram
MI myocardial infarction (heart attack)
mm millimeter
mo mother
MR mental retardation
MR# medical record number
NA not available
Na+ no applicable
NBS no bowel sounds
neg negative
ng naso-gastric
NKA no known allergies
NMR nuclear magnetic resonance
No. number
Noct night
norm normal
NPN non-protein nitrogen
NPO nothing by mouth
nullip nulleparous (no pregnancies)
o.d. once a day
O.T. occupational therapy
OB obstetrics
OBS organic brain syndrome
OD right eye
od over dose
opd out-patient department
ops operations
OR operating room
orth orthopedic
OS left eye
OU both eyes
outpt outpatient
oz ounce
P after
P & A percussion & auscultation
P.E. physical examination
P.I.D. pelvic inflammatory disease
p.o. by mouth
PA postero-anterior
palp palpated
PBI protein bound iodine
pc after meals
pdr powder
ped pediatrics
pen penicillin
per by
PERLA pupils equal reactive to light and accomodation
pH measure of acidity or alkalinity
Ph.D Doctor of philosophy
phys physical
PM afternoon
PN progress note
pneu pneumonia
pos positive
post posterior
postop postoperative, after surgery
PPD purified protein derivative
preop preoperative, before surgery
prep prepare for
prev previous
prn whenever necessary
pros prostate
prox proximal
Psy. Ser. psychological services
PT physical therapy
pt patient
pvc preventricular contraction
pwd powder
q every
q.__h every ___ hour
q.d. every day
q.h. every hour
q.i.d. four times a day
q.n. every night
q.o.d. every other day
QA quality assurance
QAC quality Assurance Coordinator
QAP quality Assurance Program
QAR quality Assurance Review
qns quantity not sufficient
R right
R.D. registered dietician
R.N. registered nurse
R.O. reality orientation
R.T.P. recreational Therapeutic Pass
R/O rulo out
rad radial
RBC red blood count
rbc red blood cells
rect rectal
Rh rhesus blood factor
RLQ right lower quadrant
ROS review of systems
RR respiratory rate
RUQ right upper quadrant
Rx prescription, take
s without
S.H. state hospital
S/A sugar and acetone
Sa saline
Schiz. schizophrenia
sed rate erythrocycte sedimentation rate
serol serology
SGOT serum glutomie oxalacetic transaminase
SGPT serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase
sibs siblings
SIDS sudden infant death syndrome
sig to write , to take
sl slight
SOAPE subjective, objective, assessment , plan, evaluation
SOB shortness of breath
Soc. hx social history
Soc. Ser. social service
sol solution
sos when necessary
sp spine
sp. cd. spinal cord
sp. fl. spinal fluid
sp. gr. specific gravity
Spec. specimen
SQ subcutaneous
Staph staphylococcus
stat immediately
Strep streptococcus
subcut subcutaneous
sup superior
Surg surgery
Sx symptoms
sys system
T & A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
T.A. therapeutic assignment
t.i.d. three times a day
T.O. telephone order
tab tablet
TB tuberculosis
tbsp. tablespoon
temp. temperature
thor thorax
thromb thrombosis
TLC tender loving care
TM tympanic membrane (eardrum)
TP treatment plan
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
tsp. teaspoon
tx treatment
U.O. urinary output
u/o under observation
UA urinanalysis
UGI upper gastrointestinal series (X-ray)
UNK unknown
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
v. fib. ventricular fibrillation
v. tach. ventricular tachycardia
V.O. verbal order
Vag vaginal
VC vital capacity
VD veneral disease
VDRL serological test for syphilis
vit. vitamin
vol volume
VS vital signs
WBC white blood count
wbc white blood cell
wd well developed
wf wife
wk week
wn well nourished
WNL within normal limits
wt. weight
x times
x-ray radiology
y/o year old
yrs years